The Sarasota MIndfulness Institute is an organization that was begun in 2009 by a small number of people who were interested in helping make Sarasota a happier and healthier place to live. With that aim in mind SMI offers classes in meditation, mindful movement classes of Qigong, Tai Chi and other classes as well. Meditation groups also meet several times each week. 

SMI is registered in the State of Florida as a non-profit organization and is exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Tax ID #31024).  All donations to SMI are fully tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. 

To learn more about the beginnings of SMI: ​

Programs at SMI are non-religious.

SaraSangha, which practices Vipassana Meditation and the Good Cause Eco Sangha, which is an engaged Buddhist-oriented community bringing together contemplation and action, also meet at the Unitarian Universalist Church.


CHAIR:                       Kurt Maurer, Ph.D.

VICE CHAIR:              Lynne Lockie, MSW

SEC/TREASURER:    Peg Tams       

FACILITIES CHAIR:   Roxanne Williamson

PROGRAM CHAIR:    Robert  Seyler, LCSW, LACD

MEMBER:                   Lily Myers, MA, LMHC