What are previous participants saying about our programs?

The 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction class:

This program has helped me experience more joy in my life by allowing me to spend more time being "present" and accepting my thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations without attaching to them.  It's helping me deal more effectively with the anxiety associated with some current life events.  

                                 - anonymous

This class was a gift that I will use for the rest of my life.  When I knew I was suffering from depression and recognized how much pain it caused me, I wanted to find an end to that suffering. The Mindfulness-Based therapy course gave me the tools I needed.  I cannot thank you enough for offering this course!

                                  -P.J., Sarasota

I have been referring my clients to the Mindfulness Classes since it opened.  Not once have I been disappointed.  I have referred many clients with a variety of issues and diagnoses.  Each and every one reported a very positive experience.  A few even took the class twice.  This is remarkable given I referred some of my most difficult cases!  What they learned in the classes helped them move more rapidly in my therapy with them.  I highly recommend the classes and meditation sessions to other therapists as a valuable adjunct to therapy.

                                   - Janet Carlson, LCSW

 . . .I began this class this past October, and have really noticed an amazing difference in how I feel.  I have a stronger ability to stay positive in reaction to the world, to life challenges and to my job.  Yes, I can still get a bit overwhelmed...but I'm not letting life and work and all the negatives get to me as much!

                                  - anonymous

I would recommend this class to anyone that has the desire to receive some tools, that will help you learn to live life in the moment.  It has taught me to recognize that life is a series of moments, most of which we spend pondering the past or the future.  The real important stuff is happening right now.  Thank you.

                                 - Casey Marin


I took this 8 week seminar...and the things i learned in it were revelations to me!  A spectacular insight into how we treat ourselves, what we say to ourselves and how to take control of negative emotions...and even the positive ones!  So much of it is common sense, I'm amazed I was able to get so far off track and NOT be doing, or utilizing some of these ideas. 

                                 - anonymous

....During this eight week period I have experienced an improvement in living in the moment, a reduction in stress, responding vs. reacting, and hope with continued practice this will only get better.  This class is well worth the time.

​                                 - AWD, Sarasota

Over the course of the last four years, I have referred several clients to the MBSR groups conducted through the Sarasota Mindfulness Institute.  I have been very impressed with the results, especially with people who present with anxiety, and/or anger as their primary symptom.  It has helped several of my clients become "usefully introspective" so that the talk therapy approach can work better.  And it has helped several individuals become emotionally regulated enough so that they can participate in the intensity of couples work.
                                  - Deborah Huntley, Ph.D. Florida Liscensed Psychologist

 If you could use some tools, in coping with life, getting in touch with yourself, modifying your "inner monologue" or if you could use a refresher in how to sit quietly and listen to yourself...please investigate this class.  "Mindfulness"  is really just a way of life that utilizes meditation and introspection to understand why we feel the way we do. The good the bad and the ugly.  Then using certain techniques to retrain your mind to think and react more positively.

                                   - anonymous

I highly recommend this course for any over-worked, out-of-balance corporate executive (me!) who needs to start learning the tools for living mindfully.  Excellent program - thank you!

                                     - anonymous, Sarasota


It has been a life changing experience for me...truly an eye opening class/seminar/session (whatever you would like to call it.)

                                 - Jeffrey K., Sarasota

This is an excellent program!  It's a "must-do" program . . . It's a gentle, non-judgmental, supportive 8-week class.

                                  - anonymous

The instructor is a very open, compassionate, knowledgeable leader/facilitator.    

                                  -R.D., Sarasota

If you are interested in talking with is to see if this class might be right for you, please go to the "Contact" page or send us an email at   info@sarasotamindfulness.org