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October 2022

Sat, Oct. 29 - Walk in The Park

February 2023
Healer within Medical Qigong


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   Fridays, 12pm EST

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   Wed, 10-11am 

   1st & 3rd week

Tai Chi Easy™

    Wed, 10-11 am 

    2nd & 4th week

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Qigong and Tai Chi Easy™
with Nancy Saum, retired RN

Qigong, 10-11am EST

1st & 3rd Wednesday

Tai Chi Easy, 10-11am EST 

2nd & 4th Wednesday

For details and to register please click here.

Mark your calendars. Nancy will be in Sarasota in February 2023 and is planning in-person classes at the UU Church during her visit--one Qigong class, one Tai Chi Easy class, one Guo Lin class, and a 12-hour workshop “Healer Within Medical Qigong Practice Leader Certification Training”.  Medical Qigong is any Qigong used for a healing, medical, or health enhancement purpose. In this training participants practice the four elements of practice: body posture and movement, self-massage, breathing exercises, and mental focus. Participants will also learn how to share these practices with others.If you have questions, contact Nancy directly at nancy.saum@gmail.com. If you use WhatsApp,you can also call +351 912 675 634. Just remember that Nancy is 5 hours later in Lisbon,Portugal.


Stronger Together 

During these challenging times, while we are all navigating uncertainty,  the support of our community is essential. More than ever we are committed to creating a safe space for our community to share in mindfulness by continuing to host our weekly meditations. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic SMI has been offering our weekly sits and classes on Zoom. We will continue to do so until it is safe to meet in person once again.  We look forward to seeing you on Zoom.


       Fridays, 12PM EST

To see our group guidelines/agreements and for Zoom instructions, click here.


Walking Meditation


Next walk is scheduled for Oct. 29, 2022 at Siesta Beach.  Details here.


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"Never mind what I have been taught.  Forget about theories and prejudices and stereotypes.  I want to understand the true nature of life.  I want to know what this experience of being alive really is.  I want to apprehend the true and deeper qualities of life; and I don't want to just accept somebody else's explanation.  I want to see it for myself."         - Bhante G