Taking a physically active meditation practice outdoors is a simple practice that grounds us in our bodies in the present moment and opens the world of awareness  and our senses to the beautiful nature surrounding all of us. This is a particularly refreshing  practice. 

SMI is inviting anyone who would like to learn about and practice Walking Meditation or Mindful Walking to join us at  Myakka State Park.  We will begin with a guided seated meditation, followed by a walking meditation. The final meditation will be a short seated one.   Since this will be our last walk until October, we will then sit down for a meal together: either potluck, or a bag lunch if you prefer. 

DIRECTIONS:  Enter Myakka River State Park from State Road 72 (aka Clark Rd).  The Log Pavilion is located on the east side of Myakka State Park Road, approximately 1 mile from where we pay our entry fee.  Parking is available across the street from the Log Pavilion. 

There is no cost to participate but there is an entry fee for the park.


Entry fee:  $6/vehicle or $4/vehicle depending on occupancy.

Note:  Please bring your own chair or cushion. 


DATE:                May 14, 2022

TIME:                 10:30am to 1:30pm 

FACILITATOR:   Mallory Shibuya and Jacqueline Fay-Bina

PLACE:               Myakka River State Park - Log Pavilion

                            13208 State Road 72, Sarasota, Fl 34241