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Are You Paying Attention?

In this 3-part series we will explore why we have an attention system, how attention works, why it’s a superpower, what acts as “Kryptonite”, and different mindfulness-based techniques (practices) we can use to optimize and take ownership of it.

Alerting, Orienting and Executive Attention are the fundamental components of our attention system. Are you directing these systems, or are they functioning on autopilot beyond your control? Likely, a little of both as science suggests we only pay attention 50% of the time!

This series of talks and interactive exercises is largely based on the work of Professor and Director of Contemplative Neuroscience Dr. Amishi Jha of the University of Miami and her recent book Peak Mind.

Your host for this series (SMI teacher Carl Eisen) is a retired airline captain, UCLA Trained Mindfulness Facilitator and the founder of Mindful Aviator. He is currently working with Amishi (The Jha Lab) and Christina (Tina) Fredrick of the Human Factors department at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University to begin funding/implementing a series of studies using Mindfulness Based Attention Training (MBAT) on professional pilots.

This series is appropriate for those with and/or without meditation experience.

WHEN:       Thursdays, Dec. 2, 9 and 16th, 6:00 - 7:30pm

WHERE:      Zoom

TEACHER:  Carl Eisen

COST:         $45.00 for all 3 sessions

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Class Fee:  $45.00

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