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Bharti Thakkar, BS, CYT-500

Bharti Thakkar is a certified MBSR level one teacher, and is listed on the Brown University's Mindfulness Center's MBSR teachers registry. 


She also has a BS in Health Science and is a certified Hatha yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist, who has been teaching since 2007. She has extensively studied Ayurveda (the sister science of yoga). Bharti’s interest in yoga and mindfulness practices came about as a result of her personal health issues, and has served her on her wellness journey. She aspires to continue learning and developing her own practices, and also to serve others by sharing practices they can use to heal themselves.

Currently teaching in Michigan, Bharti has just completed a project with the Samaritas Organization, teaching yoga to refugee moms. For over 35 years, she worked in allied health jobs for Harvard-affiliated hospitals in Massachusetts; her favorite job was working with investigators in mind-body medicine and neuroscience.

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