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Weekly Meditation

    Suspended until further notice. Check out the online sittings.

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    Weekly Online Sittings:

           Wednesday, 6:00-7:00pm

         Fridays, noon-1:00pm



Our lightly guided mindfulness meditation groups usually start with a short, silent period of "getting present."  After a brief period of introductions we sit for about 25 minutes. The remainder of our time together is spent discussing meditation and mindfulness in our lives.  


We also read books on mindfulness written by various authors in order to better focus our periods of discussion.  It is not necessary or even important for you to read along - any topic presented for discussion will be summarized by the facilitator.   You can drop into this book at any point.  


We are now reading the book "It's Easier than you Think" by Sylvia Boorstein.

Using delightful and deceptively powerful stories from everyday experiences, Buddhist teacher Sylvia Boorstein demystifies spirituality, charts the path to happiness through the Buddha's basic teachings and develops a realistic course toward wisdom and compassion. A wonderfully engaging guide, full of humor, memorable insights, and love. Join us for weekly book discussion after meditation. 
Reading Schedule
July 12-18 - "Spiritual is Ordinary"
July 19-25 - "Managing Gracefully"
July 26-Aug 1- "Enlightenment"

Mindfulness meditation is held in the Reeb Room at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 3975 Fruitville Rd., Sarasota, FL.


Although there is no charge for attending,  if everyone were to donate just $5 - $10 per visit, our expenses ​would be covered.

SMI is secular (non-religious).  These groups will utilize materials from various wisdom traditions, but no religion or tradition will be taught at our core programs.  ​​

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