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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (8 week class)


Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) is a mindfulness-based program designed initially to assist people with pain and a range of conditions and life issues that were difficult to treat in a hospital setting.  It is an 8 week curriculum developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn in 1979, to teach people how to tap the wisdom of their own body and mind to face stress, pain and illness. In this intensive training, you will learn to access and cultivate your natural capacity to care for yourself and find greater balance, ease, and peace of mind. This is the core program of the Sarasota Mindfulness Institute.  There are powerful tools available to us to resist the pull of depression, stress, and anxiety, which we explore and practice in this class.  The efficacy of MBSR has been demonstrated over & over for a variety of afflictions.

We add some cognitive tools training as part of our curriculum.  This protocol has been shown to be one of the most effective treatments for recurrent depression.

Our natural inclination is to be pulled unconsciously by our thoughts, bodily sensations and feelings towards unproductive, ruminative patterns. By active participation in this class, you will learn and practice the tools to trade reaction for response. 

Participants will be asked to develop a daily meditation practice, and will optimally benefit by doing so.  (If you are currently experiencing a Major Depressive Episode, this class is not recommended. Once you are in remission, this class is highly recommended. If you are currently experiencing depression, our Mindful Movements classes would be a good choice.)


See this video  on chronic stress and the brain.


​Next 8 week class is:

To be Announced.


Instructor is  Betsy Nelson, LCSW


Class fees:
Sliding Scale Fees*
$500  Benefactor
$375  Base
$250  Scholarship
$100 Deposit


* The cost of offering this class is the Base cost and covers the payment of the room rental, the retreat costs and payments to the teachers.  This is the actual cost if there are no unforeseen expenses and at least the minimum number of people enroll.

Payment at the Benefactor level helps to cover any unforeseen costs, allows us to offer Scholarships and allows us to serve communities in need.  Payments above the Base level may be tax deductible.

​Details:   Initial interview required;  non-refundable deposit of $100 due at initial interview (unless you decide that the class isn't right for you).  Balance due at first class. ​

PRE-REGISTER by emailing us at . Class size is 8 - 15 students.  PLEASE COMMIT AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE!