What is Mindfulness?

​Mindfulness is the gentle effort to be continuously present with one's experience. That means paying attention to what you are sensing, feeling or thinking without judging it as good or bad. ​​​Mindfulness is the opposite of being on "auto-pilot."  When we are mindful, we respond rather than react. How do we train ourselves to be mindful, in the present moment?  

One way is through meditation.  By developing a daily practice of meditating, we learn to be watchful of our inner narratives and our feelings and bodily sensations.  We learn to take a moment to decode the initial reaction, breathe into it, and consider our response options.  Very often we befriend those parts of us that we have previously rejected, and develop new and lighter response sets to old triggers.  See how stress affects our brains with this video.

We can practice mindfulness through sitting meditation, through movement practices like yoga, and simply through being present in our daily lives.   We invite you to join us in sitting meditation  or check out some of the classes we offer such as Qigong, and Tai Chi.

'Mindfulness isn't difficult.  We just need to remember to do it'

                                                    -Sharon Saltzberg