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Phone Apps

All of the following apps are available at for I-phone or at for Android users.

10% Happier (

Listed as #1 top app in New York Times’ How to Meditate guide, it includes 500+ guided meditations from renown teachers (Goldstein & Salzberg), plus inspiration, talks, and advice on multiple topics, including sleep. Based on the Dan Harris book. Membership cost is $99/yr.


Insight Timer (

More time is spent meditating on Insight Timer than all other meditation apps. It offers the largest free library of guided meditations across traditions, along with a 7-day Learn to Meditate course, and music. Appropriate for beginners and advanced meditators.


Sattva (

Sattva curates a range of supports for practicing meditation, and it offers groups, biofeedback tracking, and more for a lifetime membership of $200. 

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