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MBSR Retreat

The Sarasota Mindfulness Institute invites you to a free, day-long, live online retreat on Saturday, March 26, 2022, from 10am-5pm. This retreat is part of our MBSR program curriculum (class in progress), and we’re delighted to open it up to the entire SMI community! It will provide a rich opportunity for an extended (7-hour) period of practice. Further, if you haven’t yet taken an 8-week MBSR class, attending this special session will give you a glimpse into the MBSR program and all that it offers both beginner and advanced meditation practitioners.


Without the usual distractions and demands of daily life, retreat participants are afforded the chance to “drop beneath” our running narratives/dramas, perhaps seeing ourselves more clearly, and slowing down to”be” and appreciate things “as they are”.  As is customary for retreats, this retreat will be held in silence; you’re asked to abstain  from media and devices. It makes for a more comfortable experience if you plan ahead where in your house you’re able to practice both formal sitting and walking meditations for a prolonged time without disturbance. There will be a one-hour lunch break, so you may also want to plan an easily-prepared lunch to maximize your rest time. For those who register, more information and the retreat agenda will be emailed prior to the date. All are welcomed.


The retreat is free, yet dana is always gratefully accepted by SMI. Donations to classes provide SMI with resources for teacher compensation.

Once you register you’ll receive a ZOOM invitation. Please save the ZOOM link so you can access it promptly at 9:45am on March 26.

Retreat instructors are Bharti Thakkar and Lisa Patterson, credentialed MBSR teachers.

You are registered! A Zoom link will be sent to you prior to the retreat.

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