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Online Sit Guidelines and Zoom Instructions

Please note our group guidelines/agreements: 
- On-line meetings are CONFIDENTIAL. We do not share personal information with anyone outside the group. This ensures that everyone will feel free to speak openly if they choose, about anything in their mind and heart.
- Advice is not given unless specifically requested and then discretion must be used in offering any suggestions. 
- Give your attention to the practice session, finding a comfortable and quiet space for practice and silencing devices before joining the group. 
- Avoid using the chat option (unless having technical difficulty) during the meditation as to support sustained attention for all. 
- The facilitator will put everyone on mute during the meditation session. If you have background noise at your site, you can mute yourself during the discussions when you are not speaking. 
- Recognizing the importance of care for others and ourselves, please know that if you have to leave the meeting to tend to something or someone, this is understood, and we look forward to seeing you next time. Just turn off your online application unannounced. 
- We are a kind and compassionate community so any verbal abuse or threatening behavior by any participant is not allowed, therefore they would be asked to leave the group or online meeting.
We understand that there may be a learning curve for some, therefore the host will be available 15min before the start of the sit for anyone who has questions on how to use Zoom. Please read the following instructions carefully:
Instructions for Joining Weekly Sits

  • If using a smartphone or tablet to access: 

  • Once the app is downloaded click on the meeting link and a window will automatically show up on your screen.  

  • Once you have successfully entered the sit: 

    • Audio will be turned off for all participants 

    • Video will be turned on but can be turned off (video icon on the left side of the tool bar at the bottom of your screen)

    • If you have any questions/comments during the sit use the CHAT (chat icon in the center of the tool bar at the bottom of your screen)

    • Make sure you keep yourself muted throughout the meditation until the discussion time at the end (mute icon on left side of the tool bar at the bottom of screen) 

  • We will begin the meditation at 5 after - please try to be on time. In the case of tardiness, please ensure that you are muted as not disrupt others. 


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