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The mission of the Sarasota Mindfulness Institute is to significantly improve the health, well being and quality of life of the residents and families of Sarasota County and surrounding communities through the implementation of mindfulness practices and stress reduction technologies.

We have a two-phase plan for growth. 

The first is to offer mindfulness-based programs
  • to give you the understanding and skills to counter stress, anxiety, and unhappiness, and
  • to improve your relationships with your family, friends and people you interact with regularly.

The second is to eradicate abuse in families, by joining forces with  child-oriented and family service non-profits to provide tools for self-soothing and other forms of emotional regulation, lowering stress in each family member so that learned repair skills  have a chance to work to make families and individuals healthier and more resilient.

We launched our Mindful Kids Sarasota initiative in January, 2014.  If you have a specific interest in working with children, and you have an established mindfulness practice, please send us an email at  If you are interested in working with children but do not have an established practice, we can help you with that!

Please have a look at our proposal for this second goal & help us achieve it in any way that you can!!

Sarasota Mindfulness Institute
1530 Dolphin Street, Unit 6
Sarasota, FL 34236

we are a registered Florida Not-for-Profit Corporation
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