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Gil Fronsdal:  Talks

A Compassion Practice for Opening the Heart:

A 15-minute meditation that begins by imagining yourself surrounded by a circle of the most loving beings, making generous offerings of love and goodwill to you.  Sharon Salzberg, Sept. 21, 2018.

Mindful:   In addition to the magazine it publishes, Mindful offers audio guided meditations, practices, mini-courses, health research synopses, and directories; it provides a plethora of accessible articles and other resources for all levels of meditators.

Dharma Seed:   Offered on audio file, over 25,000 talks and guided meditations in the Western Insight Meditation tradition, as taught at centers like IMS, Spirit Rock, and Gaia House, are made available through the Dharma Seed website for free. 

Self-Compassion:  Dr. Kristin Neff’s website contains a wealth of guided meditations, exercises, a self-test, and applied research on self-compassion. 

eMindful website: This is a massive platform that gives the member (there are 3 levels of membership, including a free entry-level membership) endless opportunities to engage in live sessions and ongoing programs led by mindfulness teachers. 


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